Essenceism 6 - “Unreal gods from this world”

Part 1 – Knowledge of false gods

Chapter 1 – Types of imaginary gods

Chapter 2 – The duration of the religious gods

Chapter 3 – Adapting God to man

Chapter 4 – God is not "owned" by religion

Chapter 5 – False god of this world

Chapter 6 – Distortions of religious teaching

Chapter 7 – Distortion of religion by religion itself

Chapter 8 – The progressive degradation of religion

Chapter 9 – How should religions change



Explanation about God

The fact that God is the Original Being

means that He is the Primary Source of All, the Initial Necessity and also the Effective First Cause.

To be absolute means to be independent of nothing and no one.


The fact that he is perfect signifies the maximum and ultimate dimension of what he does. Everything He has created is consistent with His perfect personality, which means that He is perfectly good. His works do not need improvement or modification to make them even more perfect or better, because their condition is complete in every way.

The fact that God is infinite means that He was, is and will always be.

These data are used to assess the truthfulness of the gods professed by the various religions of the world.





 Essenceism -

This is an analytical system that was created to understand the existence of God, the spiritual world and the eternity of man and which shaped the Theory of Eternal Existence - Author

This is the contents of the books about the system essenceism that shaped:

 the Theory of Eternal Existence    and the  Outline of Theory of Eternal Eexistence

1. Essenceism 1 - “God is not from this world”- (scientific understanding of God)

 2. Essenceism 2 - “We are from this world”- (understanding the role of man in relation to God)

 3. Essenceism 3 - “Evil is from this world”- (understanding of evil)

 4. Essenceism 4 - “Vision not from this world”- (understanding of salvation)

 5. Essenceism 5 - “Eternity is not from this world”- (understanding of eternity)

 6. Essenceism 6 - “Unreal gods from this world”- (understanding of religions)

  7. Essenceism 7 - “Love from this and not from this world- (understanding of love)

  8. Essenceism 8 - “Reality from this and not from this world- (understanding of reality)