Essenceism 8 – “Reality from this and not from this world”

Part 2 – The real evil of this world

10. Analysis of the rise of Satan and evil

11. The false god of this world

12. The operation of the mechanism of Satan's power

13. We have a false vision of the world

14. Two contradictory realities

15. The result of people's spiritual death

16. Difficulty in eliminating evil

17. Satan's influence on people

18. Cancer of totalitarianism versus democracy


Communicating the truth

It can be said that every person is looking for the truth written with a small "t". In this study, I propose learning the Truth written with a capital "T", i.e. knowledge about the Creator as the Original Being. With this knowledge we can know the true reality created by Him. So we need truth with both small "t" and capital "T". Unfortunately, we currently have a different, bad reality on Earth. This study explores both of these truths.

The knowledge contained here is cleansed of all delusions, dreams, dogmas, and all religious visions. This attitude revealed the brutal truth that our current world is suffering from a disease called evil.

An equally brutal truth is that because of this disease we do not realize who really rules our world. If it is not the Creator, then the logical conclusion is that the ruler of our world is the one Jesus talked about, i.e. Satan.

The disease of evil has another aspect. Namely, that we must heal our world ourselves, because the Original Being does not know evil and does not participate in the life of a world burdened with.









 Essenceism -

This is an analytical system that was created to understand the existence of God, the spiritual world and the eternity of man and which shaped the Theory of Eternal Existence - Author

This is the contents of the books about the system essenceism that shaped:

 the Theory of Eternal Existence    and the  Outline of Theory of Eternal Eexistence

1. Essenceism 1 - “God is not from this world”- (scientific understanding of God)

 2. Essenceism 2 - “We are from this world”- (understanding the role of man in relation to God)

 3. Essenceism 3 - “Evil is from this world”- (understanding of evil)

 4. Essenceism 4 - “Vision not from this world”- (understanding of salvation)

 5. Essenceism 5 - “Eternity is not from this world”- (understanding of eternity)

 6. Essenceism 6 - “Unreal gods from this world”- (understanding of religions)

  7. Essenceism 7 - “Love from this and not from this world- (understanding of love)

  8. Essenceism 8 - “Reality from this and not from this world- (understanding of reality)