Essenceism – “Love from this and not from this world”

Part 4 - Love will bring us back to the real world

28. The vision of love in all creation

29. The state between knowledge and faith

30. Good and evil in the face of God's love

31. Beings inheriting love from the Creator

32. Role of the individual in the salvation of the world

33. The love brought by the Son of God

34. Understanding our future

35. A timeless method of renewing the world

36. The necessity of returning the time of love


The Work of the Original Being intended for people

According to essenceism, the Original Being has already completed the process of creating physical reality. It follows that the Creator, after creating an eternal and spatially unlimited environment for His children, gave it to them as their place to achieve perfection. From now on, the universe has only one host, that is, us humans.

The perfect Creator does not return to the environment created for us to correct something in it. Otherwise, He would have to confirm that it is imperfect and has failed to fine-tune something. In the scale of eternity, sooner or later humanity will realize the concept of the universe prepared by the Original Being.

You should be aware that the Creator has really finished His cannon and will not modify anything in it. Now he is waiting for the fruit of his activity beyond time and space. He is waiting for a period in which He will experience joy and happiness with His children forever.






Theory of eternal existence

Theory of Eternal Existence is the theory to understand the existence of God, the spiritual world and the eternity of man. This theory was created by the analytical system of essenceism - Author

This website presents the contents of  Theory of Eternal Existence

 These are the titles of books on the analytical system of essenceism that created this theory:

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