Essenceism 2 - “We are from this world”


Summary of ideas resulting from essenceism

In the second book on essenceism, I explain how the ideas of essenceism concerning God, man, philosophy and religion arose.

I listened to many people in my life, both those who lived before me and those who live today. What I have said, wrote and taught, I have repeatedly analyzed so that I can create my essenceism analytical system with full knowledge and awareness.

First of all, I came to the conclusion that the Creator would not miraculously save humanity, for example in the form of the spectacular end of the world or the equally spectacular Last Judgment. This can never happen because it is contrary to His Personality. It is a pity that such hope is in line with the faith of those who for centuries participated in the teaching of various religions and who thus presented the existing God to humanity. It is hardly surprising, however, since they felt powerless against the existing evil. My opinion is a logical conclusion that came from this study. Therefore, no one will transform our world into the Kingdom of Heaven for humanity, no one will come down from Heaven to change us into perfect people, and there will be no miracle that will change evil into good, just like touching a magic wand.

The most important conclusion that essenceism has led to is the knowledge of the present situation of humanity. And here is this knowledge.

Someone decorated the world for us, and we "bought it". This "someone" is definitely not God. He has arranged a completely different world for us, which we have not yet met, and which we only guess. Unfortunately, before the correct concept came into force, we "bought" something else. To better understand this, I will quote a biblical story about this event.

At the very beginning of human history, our Creator showed His first conception of the world to the first people. He did this by "walking" with Adam and explaining how to live in this developing new world.

And then someone else "walked" with the two inhabitants of this Garden of Eden and showed them a different world. This person also pointed out that the Creator was wrong in His concept of the world. He stated otherwise. And we, by mistake, "bought" this anti-God reality. We accepted the world proposition from the former Archangel Lucifer, then educator of people, today called Satan. We live in this state to the present. In our world, however, there is no One who has given us life, that is, the right Creator of the universe.

It's bad that people can't see it. They don't realize that there may be an alternative to our reality. We can say that we live in a “matrix”. In this wrong world, we are looking for the best place for ourselves, we fight for our position in society, for our job, for fame and for money. At the same time, almost no one realizes that there is something wrong with this world. Over the centuries, we have rather successfully eliminated those who might know the truth about the Kingdom of Heaven, that is, Jesus Christ, as well as those who prepared His coming and those who came after Him.

Politicians chasing power, businessmen chasing their work, and organizers of social life are not aware of this situation, because they only deal with the effects of the current situation. The worst thing is that religious leaders are not aware of it, because they should be the most oriented in the situation. Or maybe they consider this state appropriate and do not want to change it? It is really worth realizing it, stop living blindly and count on a surprise from Heaven. Essenceism aims to make knowledge of the eternal laws and principles established by the Creator a good reality.

Therefore, the task of humanity is to free itself from the evil world. What should be done is, inter alia, the content of my book and the websites listed at the beginning of this text. All my studies speak about the situation of humanity. Talking about it is for the average person the simplest, although sometimes the only form of participation in repairing our reality.

My texts are a clear answer to the question of what each of us should do about a better future for the world. First, we need to understand more deeply the existence of God as the Original Being and the fact that we are destined by Him for a happy, eternal and beautiful life. So you should constantly talk about the perfect world and remind yourself and others. These are our dreams of happiness, goodness and love. Boldly expressing our will can be the key to a happy future.

We know that such efforts for a better world have more than once proved successful in human history. Dreams of freedom, equality and justice resulted in democracy. It was created not only by those who fought on the barricades, but also those who spoke about it openly, without resistance, shame and fear.

The same should be done for the salvation of the world. We have to talk about it all the time, not counting on someone else to do it for us. It is worth constantly expressing your innermost dreams of an ideal world. Do not be ashamed of your dreams of the Kingdom of Heaven. On the contrary, you can even be shouted out for others to hear. Such a sincere and spontaneous declaration is a powerful force. You should use it.

Unfortunately, often with these views I am "the voice calling in the desert." However, I would love for humanity to get out of its present state.

I will repeat, therefore, that essenceism is an invitation to discussion and joint action to restore the world to the state prepared by the Original Being.









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