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Mission of science in development of religion

Faith is the domain of religion. However, remaining in faith, whatever it may be, is a temporary phenomenon. It should sooner or later lead to the phenomenon of knowledge. Religions are necessary to help humanity return to the true reality of the world created by the Partial Being. With this assumption, religions are a transitional state. Once they leave the field of human civilization only science itself. It is worth adding an important remark to these claims. If the world were in accordance with the Creator's plans from the beginning, then no religion would be needed by people. Partial Being, assuming that He shaped the universe according to His concept, and humanity in His Image and likeness, did not need any institutions intermediating in contact with His children.

The role of science is to analyze the world around us, or rather the entire universe. It is to acquire more and more knowledge about the reality that surrounds us and about ourselves. He also has to pass on this knowledge. However, with such a heavy workload of research, he is not able to deal with saving our civilization from evil. It is not her role, the more so that evil evades all scientific research instruments. However, by studying the world around us, it can greatly help religion to eliminate evil.

I repeat: religion is called to save the world. Thus, the creators of various religious denominations have a duty to convince people to abandon improper existence in an evil-laden civilization and to be guided by good and love. This means working actively for salvation. It is a pity that most religious denominations are not active in this field. He still passively maintains his doctrines that lead people to wait for God's action. They think that he will fix the current state of our civilization. Unfortunately, this will never happen.

God does not know evil. At the very beginning of human existence, he created a state in which we should exist forever. With his concept of human attitude and the simultaneous development of science and technology, humanity could eternally expand its presence in the universe, bringing good integrated into our existence. Unfortunately, this does not happen.

So a catastrophe for humanity is not the threat of an atomic bomb or other deadly phenomena that can break out of human control. The biggest threat is the evil that lies within us and which religions cannot eliminate from our lives. This is due to their wrong doctrines and a complete misunderstanding of the mechanisms of evil. The powerlessness and awkwardness of religion in the process of eradicating evil is like a virus that devours our life potential. If this continues, humanity is doomed to eternal suffering because of evil, that is, to exist outside its proper state, prepared for us by the Creator. So you have to deal with this difficult world. Collect pessimism and continue, although years, hundreds and thousands of years pass. In this situation, it makes sense to look for a solution outside our civilization. I devote future pages of this study to this issue..







Theory of eternal existence

Theory of Eternal Existence is the theory to understand the existence of God, the spiritual world and the eternity of man. This theory was created by the analytical system of essenceism - Author

This website presents the contents of  Theory of Eternal Existence

 These are the titles of books on the analytical system of essenceism that created this theory:

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 2. Essenceism 2 - “We are from this world”- (understanding of man towards God)

 3. Essenceism 3 - “Evil is from this world”- (understanding of evil)

 4. Essenceism 4 - “Vision not from this world”- (understanding of salvation)

 5. Essenceism 5 - “Eternity is not from this world”- (understanding of eternity)

 6. Essenceism 6 - “Unreal gods from this world”- (understanding of religions)

  7. Essenceism 7 - “Love from this and not from this world- (understanding of love)