Chapter 7

Idea of cognition the truth (Epistemology)

The epistemology of essenceism defines truth as a state of reality originating from the Original Being. Thus, in this section, the possibilities of man in reaching the truth will be analyzed. This is an introduction to the methodology, i.e. to the idea of acquiring knowledge.

Essenceism takes into account the fact that the original Being has an attribute called omniscience, which in His case can be equated with absolute truth. It also follows from essenceism that man is derived from the Original Being and reflects his attributes. This means that he wants to expand his knowledge, wanting to match his Prototype. People have always wanted to know everything about everything, even when this acquired knowledge overwhelmed them. This is the case with knowing God. That is why we try to understand states beyond our existence. We also investigate the causes of the phenomena that surround us, expand our knowledge about them, and satisfy our curiosity, exploring the secrets of the processes studied.

Mankind has been trying to know God through their senses for centuries. To meet this, essenceism says that to some extent this can be done by using reasoning operating at an intermediate intellectual level. According to this system, man can know God first of all through his physical senses, analyzing the world around him. In this respect, he can also count on his own intuition and imagination. Human reason is able to comprehend a considerable amount of the results of these analyzes and draw specific conclusions from them. In this study, I cannot accurately determine the level of proper knowledge about God gathered in this way throughout the entire existence of mankind, because it is very diverse and difficult to verify. The current level of proper knowledge about God evaluated by essenceism is quite low in relation to the default whole. Raising this level, apart from scientific research, may be influenced by learning about phenomena originating in the spiritual world, i.e. from the sphere beyond time and space.

For reasons mentioned in my other study on the website, a man who is living today is unfortunately a creature at a fairly low level of understanding of the laws of the spiritual world and the Original Being himself. In short, this situation arose as a result of an unplanned stop by the Creator of the spiritual development of man at the very beginning of human existence. Knowing this, I adapted essenceism so that it would be a system that would constantly stimulate the development of human thought, to the constant progress of science and to constantly search for new knowledge about everything that is available to man through his senses, intuition and imagination.

At the same time, the system prepares people to analytically accept knowledge generally called religious knowledge. This means that it is trying to stimulate followers of different religions to search for new things and not to accept the stagnation of spiritual knowledge. My system asks members of all denominations, churches and even sects to try to break free from the yoke of dogmas. Therefore, it discourages treating traditional teachings preached by religious leaders as unchanging and indisputable. Therefore, it urges criticism of their statements instead of treating them as revealed truth. After all, essenceism urges everyone, including those who don't believe in any god, to constantly think about the meaning of life. This can, in fact, trigger reflection on what is most important, that is, the possibility of the First Cause and the important knowledge that there is an eternal spiritual person in every person.

At the end, I give the "private" principle that the reason for a particular person can stop when the other man's right appears. Therefore, when gaining knowledge, we need to analyze as many people's reasons as possible, so that our arguments can be agreed and harmonized with other reasons. This is because every person is different and his reasons can often be different from ours. And probably the most often.







Theory of eternal existence

Theory of Eternal Existence is the theory to understand the existence of God, the spiritual world and the eternity of man. This theory was created by the analytical system of essenceism - Author

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