Chapter 4

Activity of The Original Being

According to the theory of eternal existence created from the analysis of essenceism, the main goal of the act of creation is to duplicate the Creator's Personality in the form of existence of eternal beings in His image and likeness. This is to take place on a specific time scale that is the core of the development of the universe's space-time. The process of creation is therefore intended to convey to people the values that create the Personality of the Original Being. They are, above all, eternity and perfection. Together with the creation of the universe, the indirect presence of the Creator became visible in the form of information encoded in matter to create various forms of nature. This is proven by the eternal and perfect laws of physics, quantum mechanics, astrophysics and biology. As a result of their action, we have a gigantic space filled with energy and matter, both visible and dark. Space contains a variety of objects, including galaxies full of stars and planets that, like Earth, may contain living nature. Therefore, behind this "physical" coding of dead and living nature, there was also a "spiritual" coding of beings endowed with eternity by the Creator, i.e. people.

For example, quantum mechanics, as the name suggests, "quantizes" the lowest state of energy in such a way that "pixels" are created on the basis of energy quanta, constituting the matrix of space-time. Therefore, these are the smallest forms that already have information encoded in them. This is because from the point of view of the Superintelligent Programmer, i.e. the Original Being, this information, in accordance with the purpose encoded in it, must inevitably lead to the creation of all more complicated forms, such as elementary particles with their accompanying interactions, such as atoms or other more complex forms of dead and living matter.

It follows from the above that a special phase of creation is the well-being of our planet. According to my theory, it is related to the emergence of life and people on Earth. Hence, the last phase, the key one, which is the direct intervention of the Creator as our Father, is the act of "implanting" an eternal spiritual person into each person at the moment of our birth. This fact, apart from its importance, led to the assumption in the theory of eternal existence that the Creator could also, somewhere in space, on other planets similar to ours, perform the same act of creation towards people like us. This gives great hope that the vastness of the universe makes sense.

Based on such a broad vision of the universe, the essenceism system, in addition to describing the features, attributes and qualities of the Original Being, also analyzed the manner of its operation. This is also to understand the pattern of action belonging to the Creator. We need it to know how to shape the development of our place in space. This knowledge indicates that for now we are the only followers in the universe of the One who from Himself shaped everything in the cosmos, including our planet. In addition, we can assume that in the longer term we will be able to expand His work on our own initiative. This conclusion has been presented by essenceism from the very beginning. Therefore, it is worth learning now the methods of our Creator in order to properly continue His work.

As part of this education, we must realize that people are an exception to other entities in the universe. Namely, only we are not fully "coded in time", like the entire rest of creation. This means that the information encoded in the element of creation causes it to inevitably reach the state given to it by the Original Being. Some religions and philosophies have based their theories on the truth of predestination on this phenomenon. Therefore, encoded information about the purpose and function of a given entity takes place in the time assigned to it. According to the essenceism system, the exception to destiny understood in this way is the spiritual person of man, who, as separated directly from the Creator's Personality, shapes his own future. Because it is eternal and subjective to time, it is in a certain way "unpredictable" to the Creator, which means that its development is entirely in its control. This means that the Creator is forced to wait until we reach perfection ourselves. It follows that we greatly influence the course of time necessary to achieve our perfection.

According to the essenceism system, the Creator encoded information about the purpose of our lives, which affects the state of reality and the course of time. Especially the time devoted to experiencing various forms of love serves to achieve the goal of our lives, to be like our Creator. It follows that He gave us the necessary time to enable us to achieve perfection and eternity modeled on His Personality. Therefore, the time given to us to experience love is a period leading to the perfection of a spiritual person.

It is worth adding that a very important conclusion follows from the above statements. The essenceism system has shown that the Original Being works in a revolutionary way, while His laws most often operate in an evolutionary manner. This form of action by the Creator suggests that people born of Him should also act revolutionary when they want to start the next stages of adapting the state of the universe to their needs. However, the process of transformation itself and its development can be introduced evolutionarily, because we are far from the perfection of the Original Being. The revolutionary action of the Creator may be evidenced, for example, by the sudden appearance of life on our planet. Essenceism promotes yet another revolutionary method of action of the Creator regarding the appearance of man on Earth. The point is that this appearance is connected with the phenomenon of the Creator transferring an eternal spiritual person to each person at the moment of birth from the mother's womb. This defines the Creator as our Father. This fact is the foundation of the theory of eternal existence.

This shows that when we act in accordance with the laws of nature coming from the Creator, the development of humanity is evolutionary in nature. Sometimes, however, when in the development of the universe we become imitators of the creative action of Creator, our discoveries and ideas are revolutionary in nature. Of course, then we introduce them in an evolutionary way. This guarantees that by expanding the work of the Creator in this way, we will create a state consistent with His concept, i.e. goodness itself.

At this point I must add that when we create something contrary to the laws of nature, evil is most often created, which we then try to repair in a revolutionary way. This brings conflicts, often armed ones, and political and social revolutions, i.e. the earthly hell that we all know. So, the important knowledge is that the current state of reality, in which we have no possibility of achieving personal perfection, has created "cancer" conditions. These are temporary states of waiting for the correct concept of our eternal future prepared by Him in a state beyond time and space. Essenceism showed that they are unknown to the activities of the Original Being. This means that, according to my system, physical death now puts each of us in a "vestibular" state towards the perfect spiritual world. I have explained this phenomenon in other studies of essenceism.

To sum up, it can be said that the Original Being, by creating everything from Itself, influenced with His eternity the fact that the universe can also be infinite in time and space, i.e. eternal, just like our spiritual persons. However, we may be wrong about the universe because our knowledge of the Creator is minimal, and we will judge Him by being limited by time and space. Therefore, it is easier for us to claim that the existence of the universe can be limited in time and space. Without fully knowing the Creator's methods of operation, we can also claim that there are many universes or that they are created only periodically. For now, we base our claims on the fact that the physical states we know on Earth are limited in time and space, which may be a mistake. The theory of eternal existence was created, among other things, to try to explain eternity...









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