Chapter 3

Core of essenceism – The Original Being

Essenceism assumes that there is in this system a Creator of the universe, called the Original Being. Below I quote the arguments used in the first book on essenceism explaining this assumption. I started with the fact that the Creator of all things cannot "fit" in space-time understood as the universe we study. Gone are the days of placing Him on a golden throne above the clouds, reigning among angels playing His trumpets. After this medieval vision, theories that put him somewhere in space among the stars also failed. The "religious" explanation that God is everywhere loses its meaning in our time, when we have already explored the universe in millions of light years. In that case, the claim that God somehow exists among us and that he sees everything is only an act of faith. It is noteworthy that nowadays a large proportion of people do not accept the dogmatically imposed faith that God exists. From the scientific point of view, such a claim about God's ubiquity is unauthorized and logically wrong. Therefore, one can agree with the claims of scientists that from their point of view God does not exist.

However, we are still guided by an undying desire to know the truth about the existence or non-existence of God. In the Middle Ages, it was imagined that the Earth was covered by a navy blue sky dome dotted with stars. God was to float above her with his angels. Some even wanted to wander to the edge of this sky's contact with the flat Earth to look beyond it and see how it was. Now, as a result of a new understanding of the beginning of the universe, many of us would like to go back those 13.8 billion years and "look" what was before the Big Bang calling it. They would like to know if there was a mysterious initial singularity from which all forms of matter and energy later developed in the space-time of the universe. In short, they would like to see what was in its original state beyond time and space. Perhaps they would also like to see if God is there. I would like to do that too. That is why I follow the progress of modern science very closely.

According to the claims of most scientists, the universe once arose, that is, it had its origin. What was before? Before, there was something that is difficult to define in scientific terms. The Bible calls it chaos and desolation and claims that before the creation of the world there was darkness everywhere.


Approaching this situation within the framework of essenceism, one should call this unlimited and physically indefinite "space" a sphere beyond of time and space. This means that neither time flows nor spatial structures exist. There are no reference points and distances in it, and no physical phenomena occur in it. This state corresponds to the first and second principles of essenceism about the unstructured and timelessness of this sphere. So this is the realm of eternity and infinity. This is where essenceism places God the Creator, i.e. the Original Being mentioned in the title. This "place" harmonizes with His attributes because He is eternal, infinite and absolute. He is as if integrated with this sphere, because according to essenceism, He penetrates it with His Personality. You can say that He is everywhere in it. His Energy of the First Cause is also "there" and all Laws and Principles, that is, His Personality is integrated with it. This means that the Original Being completely occupies the sphere beyond time and space. Everything comes from Him, that is, from His sphere. This means that the universe "came out" of it, which in the figure below can be seen as emerging from the "darkness" of the sphere outside of time and space, perhaps in the form of an event called the Big Bang.

big-bang_2a_wszechświat mały

It was just noticing the limited time of the universe's existence by discovering its supposed start point that gave me the impulse that led me to the existence of reality beyond time and space. Not seeing a better solution, I decided that this sphere could be the source of a point of singularity. Meanwhile, for scientists it is only the beginning of time and space. That is why the cosmos is assigned the concept of space-time.

In the absence of the possibility of science taking a position on the aforementioned singularity, however, I allowed myself to further explore the subject of the situation existing before the Big Bang. Hence, essenceism seriously takes into account the possibility of the sphere beyond time and space. This is only a sensible solution for now. Only it, in the face of scientific reluctance to investigate its existence, can be the source sphere for the universe. So, repeating myself, I must say that this sphere surrounds the universe, in other words, the entire universe is in it. In all his analyzes, essenceism assumed the necessity of the already mentioned sphere as a source state for the universe. Only this sphere can be attributed to existence from infinity to infinity, i.e. being unlimited in space and time, both in the past, in the present and in the future. Actually, the same is true for the existence of the Original Being, because He, as the First Cause, should exist before the creation of the universe. It can therefore be concluded that the sphere beyond time and space is His eternal, natural and ideal "environment" of existence. This is His "home." Only in it can we imagine Him as existing from infinity to infinity.

4. big-bang_2a_Univers Beggning_ENG

The above understanding of the simultaneous existence of two realities, that is, time-limited space and a sphere unlimited in time and space, led to the final conclusion that the universe emerged from this first. In addition, it justifies that an infinite number of universes could emerge from this sphere. However, in order to stop the desire for too far-reaching speculation, I stay with our one universe that has emerged from this sphere for now.

The main principles of essenceism came into the above reasoning. They say that the Original Being, or First Cause of the universe, must have within Himself an inexhaustible source of Primary Energy as well as the cause of all laws and principles. This leads to the statement that the Original Being is the Personality Center with Source Intellect, Will and Emotionality. These are the basic qualities of His Personality. Since they are an absolute unity, it can be called His Heart.











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