Chapter 33

Better understanding of death

Lack of interest in God presented by religious denominations, and even atheism, should not be a problem in the human environment. We live in a time of uninterrupted development of science. The knowledge provided to us largely satisfies the need to understand the reality that surrounds us. So there is no point in "converting" someone to one of the existing denominations. Nowadays, with the tremendous advancement of science, the ways of "producing" believers are disappearing. Of course, it is much more difficult to satisfy spiritual needs, i.e. the question of the meaning of life or the mystery of death. Many atheists are making efforts to combat religion as an evil that originated in human civilization. They treat the manifestations of faith in God as delusions supported by false teaching of clergymen of all faiths. They point out to them their beautiful robes, shimmering gold altars and magnificent temples, which are said to testify to the power of the God they proclaim.

What is worth doing in this most important matter for man, i.e. his eternal future, should, however, be more scientific than religious. It is about explaining to everyone that he is eternal. This is the most difficult initial "offer" of essenceism. Therefore, an unusual introduction to the explanation of eternity is the will to "listen" to our inner feeling that perhaps there is a timeless Source of it, that is God. Then the main thing becomes to carry out a relatively logical analysis of the existence of the Original Being and its sphere beyond time and space..

When we do not take our eternity into account, then what we have most precious is our physical life. If it is not understood that man is eternal, then in fact all our efforts are focused on protecting our physical existence. Unfortunately, a cursory understanding of our appearance in physical reality simultaneously affects the burden on us with the fact of leaving it. Essenceism, however, wants to convince everyone that the concept of eternity is with us from the very moment of birth.

Essenceism claims that our life as an eternal human being does not begin with conception. This is just the beginning of the physical structure of the human body. Thus, the state and period of the emerging human being in the womb is only physical existence. During this time, our existence is largely dependent on the personality of our parents. All signs of the life of the human fetus result to some extent from the level of the parents' willingness to convey their desires to it, with particular emphasis on giving it love. Essenceism believes that a newborn baby becomes a proper human only when it leaves the mother's womb. It is at this point that he receives from the Creator "God's breath" in the form of an "eternal newborn" of a spiritual person. This happens every time a new human organism is born. From then on, we can speak of the right, eternal man. Since then, each of us has the prospect of several dozen years of reaching a state in which our body ceases to fulfill its functions. Then we leave our corpse on Earth and start the proper life in the form of a spiritual person destined for eternal existence in the spiritual world. This process is inevitable. This awaits each of us, because it was predicted from the beginning by the Original Being. From his point of view, our earthly life is the path to perfection. Our physical death should therefore be treated as the moment of meeting our Father.

Of course, we know that this is not the case. For almost everyone, death is associated with a great shock, sadness, and even tragedy. The surroundings of the dying person also perceive this fact in the same way. In light of what I have explained above, one should ask why we experience the fact of death differently than our Creator predicted. In all my studies on essenceism, I explain that such a situation arose as a result of the appearance of evil at the very beginning of human history and that this evil continues uninterruptedly to this day. There has been a serious destruction of the original concept of human life on Earth, which almost completely took away the knowledge of our eternity, as well as many other phenomena prepared by the Original Being.

Essenceism is the system through which I undertook the analysis of this difficult topic. For I want to provide the most clear explanation for the eternal future of human life. I do this not only in this book but in all of my other publications as well. Based on this system, it is worth preparing for an eternity that is a hundred times more interesting than earthly life. It is worth considering the advice of a famous poet: "[...] if there is love, stop worrying and death will come in handy".







Theory of eternal existence

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