Chapter 29

The real meaning of human life

Why does humanity live and why do individual people live? We have several thousand years of civilization behind us, enormous technological achievements, a devastated natural environment, no longer existing animal species, thousands of terrible wars and crimes, and a piece of conquered space. While humanity has been rushing into the future with its development for several tens of thousands of years, animals have not contributed anything to the progress of civilization. So we are not animals. So who are we? Certainly some special entity in the universe. We constantly think about the latest solutions. We do it not only for ourselves, but also for our children and even for future generations. This is because we have eternity within us, which unfortunately we do not feel. Therefore, the thought of eternity keeps pushing us forward, because it is what awaits us. This is important knowledge that partially answers the question why we live.

We have two certain moments in our lives: moment A - our birth and moment B - our death. Together they define a certain period of our lives. Our physical life takes place within the limits of AB points. It is similar in other beings, for example animals. The difference is that a person asks himself what was before point A and what will be after point B. He asks where I came from, who brought me to life and who is my Creator. He also asks what will happen next? Will I live forever? What place will it be in and will I really be eternal? Therefore, focusing only on the AB segment is tantamount to becoming like animals. This leads to us losing the dignity of a child of the Original Being, and then - the dignity of the lord of all creation, i.e. the central figure of the physical and spiritual world.

However, the most important thing to realize the true meaning of life is to take into account the fact that the world is under the rule of Satan. For people who are to be the masters of all creation, this means the need to break free from its control. Unfortunately, Satan maintains his power ruthlessly and we still cannot individually change it. So what do we have real influence on? Of course, on ourselves and our lives, so as not to accept evil from Satan and not to get used to it. It is worth constantly remembering that every person should occupy the position of a child of the Creator, while every angel was, is and always will be only in the position of a servant of God, but also of man. Unfortunately, this state was changed and the fallen angel, or more precisely Archangel Lucifer, became the master of humanity, making us his servants. The only comfort is that this situation should not last forever.

If our physical life lasts, for example, 70 or 100 years, and then our stay in the spiritual world lasts eternity, then this second, eternal part of life is certainly a hundred times more important. Based on this, it is easy to provide a definition of the meaning and purpose of human life. It is to prepare as best as possible for eternal life in the spiritual world. Simply, the period of staying in our world is a lesson in living in eternity. It's like retiring after finishing your professional career. I will add a few more thoughts resulting from essenceism analyzes regarding the meaning and purpose of life. They result from comparing our vision with the Creator's default vision.

Therefore, I will return to the statement that the goal of human life is to achieve perfection, i.e. a state that, at our human level, would reflect the perfection of the Original Being. The biblical call to be in His Image and likeness, i.e. to be perfect, as the Heavenly Father is perfect, concerns the meaning of our lives. Therefore, it is about perfection assigned to the position of a child of God, because this was the purpose of creating man. It should be added, however, that the path to perfection must take into account human participation in learning the knowledge encoded by the Creator in the universe, in experiencing childhood, marital, parental and friendly love, and in creating good modeled on the Creator's action. This is why we have taken from Him the attributes of intelligence, emotionality and will. They are the basis for properly shaping our future.

The important knowledge, therefore, is that we are destined for eternal life together with the Creator of the universe. Hence, an important question may arise whether we are not focusing too much on physical life. How to put all this in one sentence, but "less religiously"? Well, the purpose and meaning of life is to search for truth combined with experiencing love and putting maximum effort and heart into everything we do.

Is there any other practical definition of life purpose that would be beneficial to everyone? I think service can be such a goal. It's about service in the form of implementing love for other people. You can talk a lot about love and praise it to the heavens, but its practical test is service. Too often it takes the form of self-serving, especially since for many of us it is easiest. In a sense of honesty, it should apply to other people. Some people also add religious service to God, but in my opinion it is not necessary for Him at all. However, religious denominations preach it to demonstrate the necessity of their existence.

I mentioned earlier that love has to be learned. Now I will add that service also needs to be learned, because it is not power, but the practical implementation of love in the physical world. Therefore, selfless service in politics and religion is especially valuable. Overall, I imagine an ideal world as a service to the perfection and eternity of every human being.

Finally, I will present a summary of the analysis regarding the meaning of human life. It results from all my studies. This meaning defines a person as a person acting in society in the form of service, with developed knowledge of creation, experiencing various forms of love and not using power. It is also a person striving for perfection in their actions, i.e. one who can live happily in the spiritual world under the authority of God. There is a gigantic universe waiting for man, whose existence is to remind us that the ultimate goal of each of us is to manage it properly. It is expanding at an enormous pace and will therefore require constant and unlimited creative work for all eternity. Then the primary meaning of human life is to develop the universe together with its Creator. So it's time to realize that everything in the universe is waiting for us.









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