Chapter 29

The religious analysis of our reality

For decades, there has been a myth that we use only 10% of the brain's capabilities, and the rest is out of order. Later, science refuted this message, but it is worth considering why such an application was presented by serious scientific and medical authorities. There is definitely something to be done. In my opinion, such a limitation does not concern intellectual possibilities, but it results from a significant limitation of the possibilities of spiritual perception.

For example, we do not know almost the thoughts of people around us, although it could greatly facilitate contact between people. I doubt if the Creator planned such barriers between us and that he wanted to maintain the level of privacy consisting in a lack of understanding between His children. I will analyze this in more detail later in this text.

Besides the lack of mutual understanding, there is another disadvantage of our race. Namely, we suffer a lot from the necessity of dying and great uncertainty about whether there is more than just our physical life. This suffering results from too little knowledge about the Personality of God, about His Will, His Laws and His Emotionality. What's more, our knowledge of the spiritual world, spiritual beings, and even our spiritual person is very small, and in some areas even zero. There is virtually no communication with billions of people who after life on Earth have gone to the spiritual world. It is begging you to believe that there is no God, no spiritual world and no life after physical death. However, I will focus more on why this knowledge does not exist. Below I present my assumptions resulting from the logical reasoning to which I am prompted by my analytic system essenceism.

We pride ourselves on the power of human reason and, at the same time, we pass indifferently to the imperfections mentioned above, in other words, our very low state of spirituality. On the one hand, humanity has highly elevated the level of scientific and technical knowledge, and on the other hand, it has not created any mechanisms to improve the level of human spirituality. For now, we are only aware that we cannot understand the functioning of the spiritual world and God Himself. It seems that the level of our spiritual development does not exceed the state to which the first people in the biblical Garden of Eden came. It is in this field that the statement about the 10% utilization of the capabilities of our personality is checked. This is a very important conclusion, but at this point we are entering the field of religion, deviating a little from the rational nature of this study. Unfortunately, the explanation of the low human spirituality can only be "religious". Below I present my point based on the logical analysis of the situation described in the Bible. This analysis concerns the first biblical inhabitants of the Earth, that is Adam and Eve. This is not about the fact whether such figures existed at all, but about the didactic undertone of the stories about them contained in this book.

In the Garden of Eden, we should reach the spiritual level that the Creator has foreseen for us. As I briefly described in the previous chapter, Adam and Eve received from the Creator an appropriate teacher and educator, that is, an Archangel named Lucifer assigned to him. Unfortunately, after his fall together with the first people, already as Satan, he continues to use his advantage illegally. Keeping his position from the Garden of Eden, this transformed Archangel stopped the spiritual development of people at a level that would allow him to continue to control them. We have a kind of implanted evil nature with which Satan has permanent access to us. For he dominated human spiritual people that we receive when we are born of our Creator. Today, one must regretfully say that we have in ourselves not only the original presence of God in the form of the inherent nature of God, but also the specific "presence" of Satan in the form of the fallen nature. The evil contained in it permeates our personality, causing a constant struggle between good and evil, and thus, the low level of spirituality of every human being.

I must emphasize here again that our further spiritual development still blocks and prevents us from being "the ruler of this world," that is, Satan. It is he who controls our world to this day and prevents us from reaching the level of true children of God. Of course, this is not knowledge resulting from scientific analysis, but only a logical conclusion from biblical records. However, having no better research methods, I must accept such a "religious" translation of the present state of humanity. What counts here is the very knowledge of such an improper state of our world. The next step after acquiring it should be to find the right way out of this situation using human reason, and thus, to take into account the achievements of human thought in various fields of science. It is not enough to ask in prayer for God asking for knowledge from Him or for soliciting in this form for support from the spiritual world, though this may also be important. Passive waiting for salvation, which God will give us, is not enough. That's what those who lived before us and above all the prophets and figures of the Old Testament did. Unfortunately, this is how it ended. Similarly, humanity is now waiting for salvation. This time, it cannot end up killing the Savior. In our time, conscious and united efforts of people and angels can help a lot based on the God’s Providence. This may lead to an understanding of what salvation is and who the Savior is. However, this is a problem which I will deal with later, and here I am only acquainted with the knowledge about the present state of humanity.

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