Chapter 26

Teaching salvation according to essenceism

If a certain knowledge of who God is, what He is, and where He is at is given in essenceism, it should be used to analyze issues that have been the domain of religion until now. In books about essenceism, I described the Original Being and the human personality, and also examined the most dangerous phenomenon of our civilization, i.e. evil. This time I am trying to solve the problem of the salvation of the world. I have already written about it in many publications, and in previous chapters I have suggested who should conduct it. Now I turn to the content of teaching that should be spread by "globetrotters" around the world.

First of all, they should feel that they are facing an extremely difficult task, which, however, must be performed for the good of humanity and to give "as a gift" to Heavenly Father a world ready for His presence. They simply should feel like Jesus Christ himself, who had to take into account the situation that his mission could take him all his life and that he could pay for it with death. The basic knowledge they will carry with them constantly is that God knows no evil, and therefore salvation is the responsibility of people. They should feel that guardian angels are standing behind them, and that they draw their energy from the spiritual world cheering them on from the "spiritual stands". On a limited scale, this method has already been tested by Jehovah's Witnesses, although their teaching has not produced the expected results. However, their perpetual world crusade, despite the "church lifestyle" and biblical dogmatic, aroused my admiration.

The content of the teaching preached by "globetrotters" should concern the fact that people are eternal beings who, after a short physical life, are to continue their existence in the spiritual world. Everyone should be informed that from the very beginning of human history we lost our proper freedom and came under the rule of Satan. Because of this, we are on a very low spiritual level. Instead of being guided in life by the original nature received from the Creator, we succumb to the fallen nature inherited from Satan and constantly create evil. The way out of this situation is salvation. It must be conducted by people led by the Son of God and by God's angels. Teaching that people are one big family of children descended from God should also be an important point.

The salvation virus spread around the world by "globetrotters" will contain a "genetic code" with the knowledge that I write about in all my essenceism publications, including this one. I am not talking about one absolute and closed idea in the form of a dogma but about a wide field of research into spiritual phenomena that essenceism began. Therefore, no known religious book should be an unchanging truth to be followed in the present day. In essenceism, I pass on many lessons for personal reflection. I am sure that the primal nature hidden in us, as in my case, will expand it, giving everyone the opportunity to fully understand the idea of ​​eternal life.

For those who would like to use the themes of essenceism to better understand salvation, I include a compendium of the main concepts at the end of this book.


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