Chapte 23

Negative attitude of people towards the Savior

If Jesus in such a small nation, with the possibility of reaching the majority of citizens as quickly as possible, did not manage to achieve full salvation, then I blackly see the possibility of carrying out such a mission in the case of a multi-billion humanity. If the Savior would come, then comparing His situation with the previous one, He has no chance of saving the world. This is not pessimism. It's rational thinking.

In the days of Jesus, it was seen how the clergy of that time, and especially the high priests such as Annas and Caiaphas, did everything to destroy the work of salvation brought by the Son of God. They attacked him, lied to people, put him lower than the criminal of Barabbas. If you read the Gospel objectively, you can see how unpopular Jesus was in his time. How easy it was to get people to shout to Pilate: "crucify him ..., crucify him ...". They did everything to make their "Satan" happy. It was their true service to evil.

Do you think it will never happen again? Unfortunately, it may happen again. When I watched modern priests, bishops and other hierarchs attack very quiet people who treated their guru as a messiah, one can be sure that when the right one appears, they will "crucify him." This is not about real killing, but about making him a fraud and a criminal so that no one will listen to him. These modern "Annas" and "Caiaphas" can work just as effectively to maintain Satan's power.

That is why I decided to investigate the phenomena of the appearance of the messiah with the methods that I have used so far in my professional and scientific work. Thanks to this approach to this issue, it is not burdened with any religious faith, let alone dogmas. Namely, I reviewed the activities and teaching of such figures as Mirza Gulan Ahmad, Oskar Ernst Bernhardt, Merwan Sheriar Bani aka Meher Baba, Jiddu Krishnamurti, Martinus, Sai Baba, Sun Myung Moon, Rajneesh Chandra Mohan Jain aka Osho, Guru Maharaja Dzi and Bulent Corak Mevlana. I have looked through the numerous texts that they have provided and also read The Book of URANTI, which has no author. Although these figures did not do much to correct evil in the world, it is puzzling that they are consistently criticized by clergy from so-called established churches. Without getting into such criticism, essenceism claims that those who wish to fight effectively against evil cannot submit themselves to the fallen nature inherited from Satan. Therefore, the Savior, the Son of God, who is the only one who does not have a fallen nature, must guide the process of people's salvation. Hence the question, which of the listed figures can be shown to have only the primal nature of the Son of God?

Summarizing the above, I would like to add that the good side of the activities of the above characters should be considered their efforts to save the world, and not counting on the mercy of "heaven". There are many clergymen in the world who, not wishing to be stuck in parish buildings, would become like Jesus itinerant missionaries, "little saviors", whom essenceism called "globetrotters".






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