Chapter 21

Another reality next to ours

Perhaps it is time to incorporate the broadly understood science to know and explore the spiritual reality that surrounds us, the another one in addition to the physical reality that has been studied and studied for centuries.

More and more often, courageous explorers of the universe surprise us with the information that there is not only our cosmos, but there may still be other universes. Although we know so little about ours and are still researching it, we listen to the voice of scientists and we wonder if they are right. I do not intend to argue with them, but while presenting my vision of all things, I emphasize the existence of not only this one physical universe, but also another, non-physical, called spiritual. This invisible sphere coexists with the physical sphere, although it is beyond time and space and functions according to other laws and principles. In my study, I would like to find answers to the questions about whether we are surrounded only by physical, biological, chemical laws, etc., or whether it is also possible to indicate specific laws and principles functioning in an extraphysical universe.

Science offers the most complete and reasonably objective description of physical reality. And what about the second reality - spiritual, which should finally be rationally examined? The analytic system of essenceism tries to face this problem.

We recognize the sphere beyond time and space with our imagination, because science has not yet found the tools to learn it. That is why the essenceism system proposed some ways to study it. Among them is the earthly observer, although in the first phase, before he goes beyond his limits, he is dependent only on his mind and intuition. If such an observer were in reality outside of time and space, he could help a lot, although he would not feel the flow of time or the dimensions of space. It means that existence is eternal there. At the same time, he stays in an impossible to mark place, actually everywhere.

To better understand this, you must imagine that all experiences, events and images of our lives will be written on pieces of paper. These pages will first be arranged in accordance with the chronology of our lives in a series, one next to the other, so that they form a survival line stretching for hundreds of kilometers. This is how we depict a specific flow of time, say, several dozen years of our lives. Let's imagine then that we will collect all this series of "cards" in one pile. Then we will have our whole life before us in one point and in one split second. The impression appears that time has not passed in it, and everything happened at the same time, lived at one moment. Then we "see" our whole life in the blink of an eye. This is what happens when you leave the physical world and enter the world outside of time and space. In many other places I will call this reality beyond time and space the spiritual world.

Therefore, we gradually gain knowledge about the turning point and point of our observation. While in our reality, described by "Newtonian" physics, time and space are a necessity, in the spiritual world they are only our imagination. However, there are people of faith and even scientists who claim that even in the physical world time is just a figment of our imagination. Although the phenomenon of suspension of the passage of time is very rare, it can occur because during our lives our physical and spiritual persons coexist with each other. This can occur under the influence of a strong distraction of our personality, that is, during the loss of consciousness, as a result of intoxication by some chemical means or as a result of deep religious experiences caused by the dominance of a spiritual person. The above-mentioned scientists, wanting to overcome the lack of connection between quantum mechanics and general theory of relativity, try to eliminate time and claim that it results only from our imagination or memory. They need such an assumption because they cannot support themselves by the existence of the world beyond time and space, and that the space-time of the universe ends at its border.







Theory of eternal existence

Theory of Eternal Existence is the theory to understand the existence of God, the spiritual world and the eternity of man. This theory was created by the analytical system of essenceism - Author

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