Chapter 19

The state of our world

Previous studies of essenceism have shown that the current state of the world is completely different than the one originally prepared for people by the Creator. What's more, we have never experienced this state. We are therefore burdened by not understanding what the Creator has prepared for us. Therefore, essenceism, using its analytical methods, first described the world belonging to people in accordance with the concept of the Creator. In practice, the knowledge acquired in this way serves to understand the current situation in the world.

The collected analysis results of the essenceism system helped establish an independent assessment of the state of our world. The idea of essenceism does not force people to live according to imposed rules, it does not create a system of power, cult, new religion or cultural trend. Moreover, he does not intimidate anyone with any punishments that await us after death. It's quite the opposite; gives freedom, peace and stress-free life. The idea of essenceism is for us to first understand what kind of world we should live in, and then the world we live in now.

Therefore, it is clear from essenceism that we do not live in a state prepared by the Creator of the universe. This leads to the conclusion that we are outside His Reality. Humanity lives as if under Satan's lamp. Instead of the original state, we have the current reality, which my analytical system evaluates as hell. This is what we should call the world under the control of the "lord of this world", i.e. Satan. Such a "religious" explanation of the state of the world could be mistaken for creating a certain religious concept by the essenceism system. However, my analytical system rather wants to be an alternative to the religious point of view. In fact, it helps people free themselves from the pressure of religious cult and dogmas of faith, because it is a system supported by scientific arguments. Thanks to this, it meets the needs of many people looking for answers to important life questions regarding existential matters. It responds primarily to the expectations of people of faith, bringing knowledge about the proven existence of the Original Being and stating that the existence of Satan is the only reasonable explanation of the state of our world. Unfortunately, practice shows that most people do not notice the actions of Satan and the operation of his power. At the same time, they recognize that the god they worship sees everything, knows everything and manages everything in order to finally judge humanity fairly. Therefore, in the first part I explained the reality of the existence of God the Creator as the Original Being, and in the second part I demonstrated the fact of the existence of Satan.

In the third part of this study, I remind you that Satan has arranged the world for us, and we accept it without realizing it. After taking over humanity, Satan shaped "his" world in the form of states using the power derived from him to rule over people. Therefore, in the current reality, decision makers burdened by the fallen nature that comes from Satan maintain the world's systems of power. According to essenceism, such power should never be exercised against people. At the same time, apart from politics, financial and economic structures, a powerful tool for Satan to maintain power is the religious power that has been operating for thousands of years. As the analyzes of our world under Satan's rule show, religions have always been created by people who have a fallen nature derived from him. The exception to this rule is Jesus Christ. According to essenceism, He is a man who can be called the Son of God. He was the only one who introduced true knowledge of the Heavenly Father because he did not have a fallen nature. This means that he never taught under Satan's influence. Based on knowledge about Satan, Jesus in His teachings made us understand that religions, from the very beginning of their existence, may be burdened with the "virus" of power coming from the "ruler of this world". Even when the clergy of world religions talk about God, they are not talking about the Original Being. In fact, even unconsciously, they shape the worship of Satan, whom Jesus also called "the god of this world." Unfortunately, most of Jesus' teachings have not reached our times in their original form due to the influence of Satan. Moreover, Satan's influence on religious doctrines is visible not only in Christianity. This is also the case in Judaism and Islam, because they are religions of power.

It is depressing that, despite the passage of thousands of years, our civilization is still in a state of evil and spiritual development almost stands still. This is because Satan renews his authority in each generation by introducing his "beloved political leaders" or "messiahs." There are still leaders in the world who introduce injustice, division, chaos, bloody dictatorships and even wars. Although destruction remains in their wake, subsequent generations make them heroes. The world has been and continues to be plagued by fighting, crime, lawlessness and other suffering. Every generation throughout our history has tried to create a peaceful life, but the evil from Satan has continued to destroy human happiness. Unfortunately, it is depressing that various "religious messiahs", instead of uniting human efforts to eliminate evil, have created and are still creating new cults, making themselves "envoys of God".

According to my system, the source of a person's responsibility lies in his spiritual person, who has this responsibility based on the power of love. So, the main hope for the world is to find a way to promote love between people so that everyone understands that it is for their good, that is, this action of love will bring good and happiness to all humanity. Active members of religious denominations should first start preaching this message. It is worth constantly talking about this to people of faith. Maybe the argument about responsibility for saving humanity and bringing happiness to all peoples will finally reach their hearts.

Essenceism builds hope for humanity based on the power of love, which comes from the Primordial Force of Love of the Primordial Being. This Force of Love should be like a virus that has access to every human organism. Therefore, essenceism and the theory of eternal existence derived from it make people realize that the only way to save the world from evil is the "epidemic of the love virus". This virus, as an epidemic of love, should have a personal source without any connection to the "ruler of this world." Humanity already had such a Person, i.e. the Son of God named Jesus. Unfortunately, she did not accept Him to become a teacher for people and our guide. He was killed on the initiative of the hierarchs of the then religion supported by political leaders. They all used Satan's power of power to eliminate the "source of the power of love", which is Jesus. After this tragedy, humanity still faces the task of how to restore the chances of saving the world from evil.

The analytical system of essenceism, in order to make its theses credible, tries to gradually recover the proper content of Jesus' teachings. However, as my knowledge expanded, that is, as I learned more and more facts about the distortions of His teachings, the pain caused by the suffering of people under Satan's rule grew in my heart. For this reason, I saw around me people obedient to Satan who often created terrible evil. It can therefore be said that a large part of humanity is burdened with evil that is produced by the power of power. Stimulated by such knowledge, I tried to explain Satan's methods of operation in all essenceism studies. Unfortunately, I was also disinterested in these explanations, which caused me more and more pain. Wanting to minimize it, I used all the findings resulting from essenceism to prepare a vision that gives humanity hope for eternal good. This vision became the theory of eternal existence. The essence of it is that it explains the paternity of the Original Being towards each of us. This fatherhood resides in the eternal spiritual person that each of us has within us. No religion or theological system is needed to cope with this phenomenon. All you need is the acquired knowledge based on scientific methods of researching the existence of the Original Being and His main work, i.e. our spiritual person. The existence of a spiritual person in each of us is the basis for realizing the proper reality, both the one we currently have and the one we should have.










 Essenceism -

This is an analytical system that was created to understand the existence of God, the spiritual world and the eternity of man and which shaped the Theory of Eternal Existence - Author

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