Chapter 17

Man in the face of death - vision III

I have already written about the spiritual world as our eternal place in previous chapters. I was then guided by the thought that it should cease to be so mysterious to us. Through my description, I would like to familiarize people with its existence and with the need to recognize it as our future eternal home. This taming should be even wider. If we are to spend endless eternity in it, it is worth assuming that it is much more important than the years spent in the physical world.

For now, it seems that we are separated from this eternal future by an almost impenetrable veil. Little information from "the other side" is unverifiable, or at least uncertain. Followers of different religions create their theological visions of the spiritual world, while most scientists do not take all this seriously. A fairly common attitude of believers is waiting for a kind of surprise from heaven that God is preparing for them. We have inherited such faith from the distant times of antiquity or the Middle Ages, and that is enough for us. However, I am trying to describe these things anew, so that we do not wander in the dark now and in the next life.

Almost all people are affected by the fear of death, and this feeling is often paralyzing. Happy can be those who have the opportunity to calmly reflect on their lives while still in full mental faculties. Therefore, in this study, I want to make everyone aware of the fact that death is a situation that must be understood in life. I would also like to explain when it is appropriate to fear it and when it is unnecessary. So let's think about arranging your life in such a way as to be prepared for this important moment.

If you live in hell, the obvious conclusion is to want to escape from it. It is practically impossible to do this without losing your physical life. It is also not enough to "escape" on interesting journeys, or in dreams of happiness and love, and even in prayer. These are only half measures, but since humanity has never known life in a perfect world, such half measures can help us a little. I experienced it personally. However, when we feel that our life is coming to an end, it is worth leaving half measures and putting your problems in order.

I have asked myself many times if I am ready to die and if I have to do anything about it. There is no doubt that the problems we have in our physical life can burden us in the spiritual world. It is true that most of our daily struggles will have no meaning in the spiritual world, despite the fact that we devote a substantial part of the limited time of our earthly existence to them. It can be seen that through efforts that have nothing to do with our future life in the spiritual world, we often lose sight of the true meaning of our existence.

It is best to enter the spiritual world completely free from obligations in the physical world. It is good to repair all the harm done to other people in advance, to pay off all debts, both material and moral, and to apologize to those who feel sorry for us because of our mistakes. It is worth doing a very deep examination of conscience, rummaging in your memory in search of even the smallest harm that we have done to anyone and heartily apologize to those who are angry with us or have any long-standing grudges against us. Sometimes such an apology is technically impossible and then we can obtain some forgiveness by simply confessing to a priest in the confessional. You can also choose a kind of public confession, asking our listeners to forgive the wrongs we have caused. Anyway, I believe that the main task of a person before going to the spiritual world is to correct the evil that burden us and leave the good behind itself.

We associate death with sadness, and sometimes even with tragedy. Our loved ones, whom we loved, without whom it is difficult for us to live, are leaving us. Sometimes it takes many years for us to adapt to a new situation in which we are not close to us. We feel that she will never come back to us, that we will never see her again and that she is gone forever. With time, although we do not want it very much, we slowly forget about those who have left the spiritual world. All of this is sad, but it only applies to the situation generated in our fallen world. It was completely different in the original plans of the Creator. Based on what I wrote in previous chapters, it is easy to imagine the joy and happiness in the life of the human community due to someone entering eternity in the spiritual world. This, however, is still conjecture.

Currently, we are often troubled by the fear of death because we are afraid of the unknown and strange. Meanwhile, death is the first step to the most important part of our life. It is opening the way to eternity. Instead of worrying about it and being afraid of it, it is worth preparing well for it. It is known that apart from the salvation of the whole world, there is also the problem of our personal salvation. People subconsciously fear self-judgment. Entering the spiritual world is like our final judgment. It depends on the degree of personal preparation for it during the course of earthly life.

In my previous studies on the spiritual world, I explained that the majority of people "stick to life". This means that she wants to continue it at all costs in the same environment in which she started her existence, despite being already in the spiritual world. I described this phenomenon as the reappearance of spiritual persons in the physical world, i.e. cooperation between the spiritual persons of the deceased and those who currently live on Earth. This is what almost everyone who is currently entering the spiritual world does. However, a much better attitude would be to focus on starting a new phase of life in this new environment. It is to this concept that I would like to persuade people, using the explanations contained in this study.

I already explained in the chapter on the principles of the functioning of the spiritual world that God created the infinite universe so that it would be an infinite sphere of experiences for His children for eternity. It is true that, at the present level of knowledge, our contact with the universe is almost entirely limited to our globe, but the universe is open to us. For now, we do not have to go to space for new knowledge, because we have not yet fully known our Earth, which still captivates us with new discoveries. At the same time, we have accumulated a great deal of knowledge about it over thousands of years. What we "record" during the physical life is the material for building a new life scenario of experiences in the spiritual world. It is not necessary to imagine that in the spiritual world there will be some unimaginable creatures from outer space or strange, contrary to our original nature of survival waiting for us. There, everything will result from the natural order of the universe prepared by the Creator, with which we are already partially acquainted with during our life in our world. In other words, we register the content of the physical world all the time in our personality and then transfer it to the spiritual world. How, then, having such "baggage", do we feel when we encounter a new reality?

We gain knowledge about a turning point in our lives gradually. While in our reality, described by "Newtonian" physics, time and space are a necessity, in the spiritual world they are only our imagination. However, there are people of faith, and even scientists, who claim that even in the physical world time is only a figment of our imagination. Although the phenomenon of suspension of the passage of time is very rare, it may appear, because we have a physical and spiritual coexistence during our life. This can take place under the influence of a strong distraction of our personality, that is, during loss of consciousness, as a result of intoxication with some chemical substances, or as a result of deep religious experiences caused by the domination of a spiritual person. There are also a few scientists who, wishing to overcome the lack of connection between quantum mechanics and general relativity, try to eliminate time by claiming that it only results from our imagination or memory. They need such an assumption because they cannot support themselves with the fact of the existence of the world beyond time and space and the achievements of the Creator.

Entering the spiritual world, you must take into account everything that has been described above. The most important thing is that we will bring the "recording" of our whole life in there. We will be able to "watch" it at any time and evaluate it, that is, make a "final judgment" over it. However, this requires full awareness that we are starting a new life.

Each of us leaves the physical world in a state far from perfect. Thus, in the spiritual world we are burdened by the constant desire to be present in the physical world again. It is on this phenomenon that the theory of reincarnation is based. Its creators noticed the irresistible striving of spiritual people to achieve a higher spiritual level by "participating" in the life of natural persons on Earth. Essenceism explains this phenomenon differently, at the same time negating reincarnation. My system shows that in the present state of our world there is no possibility for us to develop properly during our earthly life. So returning to Earth would only make sense if there was salvation there. Below, I will explain our situation in more detail.

After entering the spiritual world and understanding the proper meaning of life, everyone wants to improve this state, i.e. complete their spiritual development. However, since each of us is burdened with earthly problems, it is difficult to properly assess the current situation, which still prevents us from growing spiritually leading to personal perfection. It is also about the degree of freedom from problems related to living in the physical world. Often times, the burdens of past life are so great that they make it impossible to understand the nonsense of returning to Earth. If you want to avoid such a state now, it is worth understanding in advance that the return to Earth is not justified in its present state. Of course, there are also those who are so aware of the situation on Earth that they feel a great need to act for the salvation of the world. This is especially true of spiritual people who are in Paradise, for whom the only goal of their activity is leading to the salvation of mankind. It happened because of the redeeming work of Jesus, who fully freed these people from the burdens of the previous period of life. Unfortunately, as I wrote before, in the "lower" zones of the spiritual world, all activity for the salvation of the world is drowned out by personal problems resulting from mistakes made during earthly life. Thus, our unresolved earthly problems eliminate us from the process of repairing the world. Moreover, they can even make us a tool to harm this process if we come under the influence of the spiritual world subordinate to Satan.

It follows from the above that our future spiritual life is negatively affected by any action causing harm to other people, the destruction and degeneration of love or taking the lives of other people. The biblical ten commandments are a certain description of the values which, if not complied with, burden the human account in the most harmful way. Their main point is not to foster a system of life that is contrary to the concept of God. Breaking God's good moral standards fosters a "satanic" concept of the world. Respecting, or actually loving your parents and all other people, who are after all children of God, not killing, respecting someone else's property, marital honesty and not putting oneself in God's position clearly indicate that these commandments exhaust most of the negative phenomena that destroy the personality of every human being.

We already know that our life is material in the form of a "recording" that we bring with us into the spiritual world after physical death. From that moment on, nothing can be undone or denied in our experiences. With few exceptions, when we enter the spiritual world, we relatively quickly gain the right point of view on our previous life. Thus begins our private "final judgment". We then see our whole life clearly and understand immediately what is the right material for eternal life. At the same time, we realize what was worthless material, and above all, what was evil that destroyed our lives.

Personal hell begins when a person realizes that he has wasted his life and begins to regret most of the deeds done. Then he wants to make good those bad deeds and wrongs. However, when he realizes that he cannot undo these events, he begins to suffer more and more. If he is not forgiven by those he has hurt, he may have to wait until the Savior forgives his sins. I would also like to mention a group of people who are particularly suffering, that is, those who have committed suicide. Their level of spiritual pain is enormous. For all of them, the only hope is the coming of the Savior.

It must be strongly denied that hell is God's punishment for our sins. Such a "fair" approach to our post-death situation would mean that the Supreme Judge would punish us for our sins. This is the doctrine of many religious denominations. This leads to a paradoxical conclusion: here the Creator will punish us in the spiritual world for having been subjected by Satan to a slave life in hell. Should this be the picture of a just and loved Heavenly Father?

However, many people today live with such an absurd assessment of the Creator. In the light of what I wrote in many places in this study, there is no such punishing God. For He loves His children immeasurably and has not prepared any punishments and suffering for them. This is just a figment of fallen human nature that cannot judge the unimaginable good of Heavenly Father. It must therefore be clearly stated that we ourselves will feel pain and suffering after entering the spiritual world. This will be our "punishment". For there we will understand how far we have deviated from the form of life foreseen in the Kingdom of Heaven. This pain can be compounded by the fact that hell continues on Earth, and those who are already in the spiritual world cannot repair the consequences of their sins.

In the spiritual world open after Christ's resurrection, the accountability of earthly life by oneself will act on the basis of God's laws, that is, what we call God's justice will follow. The punishments in the form of mental suffering will be administered by people themselves when their original nature, stimulated by these laws, begins to act in them. Those who have done evil on Earth will realize themselves that they must be corrected. Then the main driving force of their actions will be a huge desire to repair the harm they have caused others and to remove the damage that has arisen through their fault throughout their lives. This state can be called the presence of these people in the sphere known as "religiously" purgatory. Only the act of ultimate salvation can bring them full relief.

To sum up, actually good, that is, normal life in the spiritual world begins when, thanks to salvation, we cleanse our earthly life from evil. This means that we have already passed our personal "final judgment" to the end. We will then be able to relive our lives in accordance with the Creator's concept. We can even create a favorite course of life and fulfill all our desires. We can also freely recreate any moments of joy and elation as many times as we like, and modify them in any way. We will then share our joy with those we love most. Their love and ours, along with that constantly flowing from Heavenly Father, will allow us to achieve the state of personal perfection.












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