Chapter 16

Knowledge about next life - vision II

The practice of daily life shows something that is largely illogical. It's like a paradox that despite most people's belief in God's existence and belief in a future eternal life, we do almost nothing to learn the laws about our eternal future. At the same time, we know well that we are facing a wall of ignorance about what awaits us in the spiritual world. We feel downright helpless because we don't have any instruments to explore the spiritual world. Of course, this lack of knowledge is used by many religions, explaining to us their "knowledge" about life after life. On their part, we are fed with fear or the punishments that will follow if we do not conform to their rigors. Religions, without giving a clear picture of the future, use promises to control our ignorance of the future. This is how we live with religious delusions. Therefore, more and more people are simply ignoring religion. In this situation, essenceism tries to develop knowledge about God, about the spiritual state of man and about our eternal future.

So far we have heard of the "religious" organization of the spiritual world in the form of a perfect heaven, a transitional purgatory, and an eternal hell, although hardly anyone knows what it really is. The vast majority of people do not spend any time wondering about the existence of eternal life, let alone some preparation for being in it. It is hardly surprising, since science does not deal with it.

The explanation of the entry into the spiritual world after physical death is an important topic of essenceism in the form of successive stages. The first stage is to explain some kind of surprise that we still live in the spiritual world and are still ourselves. In the second stage, we learn how to adapt to staying in a new "environment". Finally, we get acquainted with future activity in the sphere beyond time and space. At the beginning, it is worth knowing that we really need the support of angels and those who have already undergone spiritual education in a different reality of the spiritual world. Often these are people we know who died before us. These are especially those we loved very much and those who gave us love. It is worth preparing for the period of getting to know new, unknown situations, when we begin to feel the omnipresence in the spiritual world, and thus, we find ourselves in a new environment that is our home for eternity. This new reality around us is created by our will and imagination as well as the love that flows constantly from the Creator. Together, this creates an environment that is in keeping with our unique personality. We will also be able to start creating new states of reality for those who will come for us and whom we especially love. That world, although it is life in one great human community, still allows our unique personality to stand out. In this way, we will bring unique joy to other people around us, as well as to the Creator himself.

Essenceism proposes a certain reflection on the knowledge of our eternity. Let us imagine that from the very first years of school education, we would teach students about the existence of God as a "scientific" Original Being, just as we learn physics, chemistry or biology. Imagine further that from an early age these young people were aware that they were eternal beings. This would mean that there would be the first several dozen years of life ahead of them, which would only be a preparation for eternity, that is, the transition to the proper life in the spiritual world. Such people would be different from us, looking at the world differently, shaping their life careers differently. Any evil would have a much less impact on their lives. This knowledge was taken from us once, and our lives were arranged in a completely different way. It happened at the beginning of human history, so our civilization, in a sense, got used to living in its hell. Although we do not like it, someone other than the Creator arranged the world for us, and we "bought" it.

Returning to the description of life after life, it is worth adopting a different way of proceeding with our eternity than before. The general conclusion from the texts included in this study is that earthly life is a "material" for shaping the content of our future life, and therefore it is worth ensuring that it is a "material" sufficient. Of course, physical death ends these preparations. This moment should be like a final judgment for us, for which we need to prepare. Just as each of us is different, the transition to the spiritual world is different for each of us, even if our death looks similar from the point of view of an external observer. Quite important in our situation is the fact that we do not live in the world originally predicted by God, and therefore our transition to the spiritual world has nothing to do with the original assumptions of the Creator. We just live in hell and have no idea about the real, planned by the Creator, way to enter His spiritual world. Therefore, it is worth considering the arrangement of life in such a way as to be well prepared for this important moment.

Entering the spiritual world is always a greater or lesser shock, which depends on the degree of personal preparation for it during the earthly life. The worst are those who did not believe in the spiritual world or simply did not know about its existence. These people, after the initial shock, have to undergo a long adaptation period, although of course this is not measurable in time. In the spiritual world, there is no concept of the linear passing of time. If someone remained in the state in which he left the Earth and did nothing to bring his life to the proper state envisaged by the Creator, then for this person the hell "brought" from Earth would be eternal.

According to essenceism, the Earth is still ruled by the evil produced by the former Archangel Lucifer who has become Satan. Therefore, it cannot be counted on to achieve significant spiritual development. Therefore, even the slightest knowledge of the spiritual world will give us a chance to avoid confusion in the next life. Whether we like it or not, a new way of life will open up for us, so it is not worth standing still. It is like having to go on a long journey with a broken car. You must not stand idle then, because without a good vehicle we will not go anywhere. It must therefore be corrected, just as the mistakes of our earthly life should be corrected. Thanks to this, our personality will be an "efficient vehicle" for the entire future. Essenceism speaks of this because appropriate knowledge is the "entrance" to our further life beyond time and space

Only our spiritual person enters the spiritual world and it is he who brings his experiences, created by a physical person, there. The experiences gathered on Earth form a single whole within it, as if they were at one point and in one split second. This is because different laws operate there than on Earth. That world is beyond time and space. The spiritual person in that reality cannot feel either the flow of time or the dimensions of space. It has it all integrated into it. To understand this better, we need to imagine that we will write down all the experiences, events and images of our life on pieces of paper. These pages are first arranged according to the chronology of our lives in one sequence, side by side, so that they form a line of experiences that stretches over hundreds of kilometers. This is how we illustrate the flow of time of several dozen years of our lives. Now imagine that we put this whole string of "sheets" together in one pile. Then we will have our whole life in front of us at one point and in one split second. It gives the impression that time has not elapsed in it, and everything has happened simultaneously, lived in one moment. Then we "see" our whole life in the blink of an eye. This is what happens when you leave the physical world and enter the spiritual world.

The personality of a person entering the spiritual world does not change much compared to the personality he had during his life on Earth. It is still the same man, the same character, the same mind remembering all earthly accomplishments. This is what the Creator wanted for us, creating life on Earth. He wanted a man to remember all the details of his life forever. He would have them forever written on him. Thanks to our experiences on Earth, thanks to the registration of its beauty and richness, man keeps in himself for eternity a "movie" about the work of the Creator.

Therefore, we will be in the same places where we have been before, although in fact it will be a virtual reality preserved in our memory. These will be remembered places restored by our imagination in the form of a vision. On this basis, we will be able to create another happy life scenarios for us, that is, what we could not do in the physical world. They will accompany us forever in our spiritual life, so that our happiness lasts forever. We have to work out all of this in our new spiritual life. This applies to everyone, although the first phase of these changes can be very difficult. For some people, it may resemble our earthly hell, because due to their past they will go through moral purgatory. Many religions draw the wrong conclusions from this, scaring us with eternal hell and the indefinite time of purgatory. Essenceism wants to reassure everyone, saying that the first phase of life in the spiritual world is for every person a kind of final judgment preparing him for true eternity alongside the Original Being. Otherwise, the creative concept of His children experiencing physical life on Earth would make no sense.

To continue explaining our future in the spiritual world, I'm going to use a situation that appeals to the human imagination. The transition from the physical world to the spiritual world can be imagined as an extension of a night's sleep. We'll just fall asleep but never wake up to earthly reality. Our dreams are most often experiences of situations, images and events that we experienced while awake. These facts were recorded by our spiritual person in the form of a "recording" intended for further experiencing in the spiritual world. Ordinary night sleep uses these recordings in a random and incoherent manner, still burdened with evil. However, in the spiritual world, they will be cleansed of evil, which will allow us to use them consciously and in an orderly manner. We will freely change their scenario so that we enjoy it. Anyway, we do it every day in the physical life in the form of dreams. The Creator predicted that our life in the spiritual world would be the fulfillment of our desires, a period of eternal joy and happiness. So, if everything "out there" is under God's control, it surely is "there" well, though it is beyond our knowledge. Unfortunately, the realization of God's plans and our desires is also beyond our control due to the action of the fallen nature inherited from Satan.

Therefore, it is worth realizing that entering the spiritual world means the beginning of existence in a completely new reality, which should be characterized by complete freedom. Unfortunately, we will not feel it fully yet, because it will only appear in an ideal world. In it, freedom results from the existing God's Laws, which by no means diminishes it. On the contrary, it is a state in which no limits are felt. This is because in the world created by the Original Being, His Laws and Principles are "built-in" into reality. This means that they are integrated with it, not imposed. Of course, in the case of an ideal world, this applies to both its physical and spiritual realities. There is simply no other alternative. If evil arose, it would become an anti-reality that will not exist.

Finally, I would like to assure you that the Creator, who during our earthly life accustomed us to constant contact with nature, to admire it, to experience its changes and beauty, did not intend to limit these impressions to us at the moment of physical death. He wanted our happiness and joy from communing with what was dear to us in life on Earth, to stay with us for eternity. Therefore, there is no need to worry that after death we will lose the chance to see our beautiful world. It will be quite the opposite. We will have an even greater opportunity to experience the joys that we shared during our lifetime, in the company of people who are close to us and who we loved during our lives on Earth. Quite often in earthly life we want love to last forever or that certain experiences never end. It will be so, because the concept of the Original Being concerning our eternal future provides that in the spiritual world our earthly dreams of eternal happiness will come true.












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