Chapter 14

Essenceism - peculiarities and necessities

Understanding many things in our reality requires calling them by their first names. In terms of my research, there are certain concepts, phenomena and states that I have generally called peculiarities or singularities. I use this words in a very wide range, understanding it as extraordinary, unique or special.

Peculiarities include among others such interesting concepts as love, primary energy, infinity, as well as such qualities of an existing God as omnipotence, omniscience or goodness. All of them properly connected can give some knowledge about the existence of a series of necessities, just like Original Being, the world beyond time and space or the eternal spiritual person of man.

It is not difficult to guess that in this reasoning I go beyond classical science, which does not have adequate tools to study these phenomena. This is what the separate research system I have created called essenceism serves.

For example, we know that love exists, we admire it and call it in a variety of ways. We usually experience it personally and do not look for scientific evidence as to why it exists or why we experience it. The same applies to other peculiarities, for example infinity. We know that it exists and we accept it without scientific proof. These are phenomena with which we live and which create a different reality than the physical one. It complete the whole of human life, being the necessities inscribed in the events that surround us.

Therefore, one may be tempted to say that the highest necessity is God Himself, or the Original Being or the First Cause. It seems that without this Initial Necessity, our existence cannot be understood. The origin of the universe, the beginning of life or the appearance of a human being are facts that cannot be fully explained scientifically. In these matters, for centuries, we have referred to the necessary presence of Causal Being.

So far humanity has had enough time to finally and indisputably explain the above concepts. However, it still does not do it. It only content himself with the statement that using science cannot explain everything. In this way, the explanation of metaphysical phenomena was most often left to religious denominations. In our time, it seems that science should finally deal with the basic phenomena concerning the existence of humanity, although significant progress is not yet visible. New cognitive methods leading to understanding the existence of the First Cause were still not detected. For example, despite the development of biology, the very beginning of the emergence of life, and in particular the occurrence of the DNA code, is still not understood. Many facts were also known that could not have arisen from the phenomenon of evolution, but no proper conclusions were drawn. For example, in the case of the Big Bang, when it was stated that the universe in this way began its existence, it did not affect the recognition of the necessity of existence of an Causal Being that would be able to stand behind this cosmic event.

This Initial Necessity, as well as other necessities, should now be analyzed completely outside of religion. We get to know them through logical thinking, human imagination and intuition, as well as from a personal sense of reality. Such methods of learning, although not entirely scientific, have very little in common with existing religions, which are rather far from applying logic and rational analysis of phenomena. In return, they are content with secrets and dogmas. This study was created to propose a completely different approach.

I believe that humanity's knowledge has finally reached the point of allowing a fuller understanding of its roots. Therefore, it can be used to get closer to the sphere that is beyond the borders of the universe, that is to the sphere beyond time and space. So far, this sphere has been called the spiritual world or the so-called underworld, which names have sent us away from our reality. The time has come for the sphere beyond time and space to become much closer to us. For this is a "home" for our Creator, and our future home in the literal sense of the word. This is where my adventure with the concept of essenceism begins.








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